Adobe’s ‘Playful Palette’ makes color mixing artist-friendly — AIVAnet

Artists work with real paint by mixing groups of colors on a palette, making for natural blending and color combinations. That’s a far cry from Photoshop-type color pickers, which let you grab specific colors but not combine them. Adobe Research has come up with a solution called the “Playful Palette” that gives artists the best of both worlds. It lets you create “blobs” of paint you can blend for gradients and gamuts, while allowing non-destructive edits, infinite history and other digital benefits. To use it, you start with a standard color picker and create blobs of different colors, based on complementary, shades, analogous or other color theory (using Adobe’s Kuler color picker, for instance). The blobs can then be mixed by dragging them together, and also edited, moved, resized or deleted. “While simple, this representation allows an artist to easily construct and edit complex color gamuts,” Adobe’s team says in

via Adobe’s ‘Playful Palette’ makes color mixing artist-friendly — AIVAnet


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