Google launches college stats

Google launched a new feature today that’ll let users view all the information they might want about a college directly in Search. Prospective students typically have to scour a college’s website to figure out student body demographics, tuition costs, and aid possibilities. Now, Google pulls all that data to provide stats on the average cost…

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DMV Opening Several Offices On Select Saturdays — CBS Sacramento

We used to have many DMV and several of them were open on Saturdays. One day I called for renewal of drivers license. They told me DMV closed for Saturday’s.:)

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Dozens of DMV field offices across California will soon be open on Saturdays. The offices are being opened to try and ease wait times. We’re offering Saturday service in June. 40 offices will be open Saturday, June 16 and 23. Starting in July, the offices will open the first and third Saturday…

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iOS 12 will reportedly show how much time you’re spending on your iPhone — The Verge – All Posts

Earlier this month, Google announced that Android P is being developed with a focus on “digital wellbeing.” It will include a new user-facing Dashboard meant to give people an easy way to see how much time they’re spending on a device and inside individual apps. It’ll even show how many times they’ve unlocked their smartphone…

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Last Video Rental Store In Berkeley To Close — CBS San Francisco

The Blockbuster video rental and Rasputin closed more than decades. Now they’re closing Berkeley video rental.

We used to get videos and always have curiosity to watch and wait for next video.

I think being curious is good.:)

BERKELEY (KPIX 5) – Despite surviving numerous changes in the way people watch movies, the last video rental store in Berkeley is getting ready to close its doors after nearly four decades. Andy Katz has owned Five Star Video Rental in Berkeley for more than 30 years. And though it has become a favorite hangout…

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What Are Carbon Nanotubes and Why Should You Care? — AIVAnet

Have you heard of carbon nanotubes? Probably not. They sound like a futuristic technology that has lots of vaguely high-tech properties. And that is pretty much exactly what they are. Carbon nanotubes are made from similar materials to carbon fiber, and while the nanotubes do have structural applications like carbon fiber, they also do so, so much more. In this article, we’re going to break down the what, why, and how of carbon nanotubes so that you understand what they are, and why they actually matter to you. What Are Nanotubes?

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3 Risks Facing Bitcoin in 2018 — AIVAnet

As an electronic currency, Bitcoin is often presented as both anonymous and perfectly transparent. As an investment opportunity, it was seen as one of the largest gold mines in 2017. Still, many questions remain, namely in terms of risks, as Bitcoin becomes increasingly mainstream. Answering these questions is extremely important for all cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin is the clear pioneer and frontrunner of blockchain technology. This is what we would like to address in this article, looking at three major risk factors that Bitcoin will have to face down in 2018. For those interested in more information, they can check out ExpressVPN’s Bitcoin: Ultimate Security & Privacy ebook. Hacking & Theft Bitcoin hacks have received worldwide attention from sm

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