Orii smart ring turns your fingertip into a Bluetooth earpiece — AIVAnet

While modern Bluetooth earpieces are more compact than ever, chances are you’ll still need to leave at least one stuck in your ear. This can get uncomfortable over time, not to mention the dorkiness that’s been haunting this form factor since day one. Hong Kong startup Origami Labs thinks it has an alternative solution to this problem: why not repackage the Bluetooth earpiece as a ring, and then use bone conduction to transmit audio to the fingertip? That’s the basic concept behind the Orii smart ring. Using bone conduction for audio transmission is hardly a new idea. It’s a commonly used technology in the hearing aid market, as this transmits sound directly to the inner ear, thus bypassing hearing issues caused by the middle or outer ear. But most of us know bone conduction better in the form of wireless headphones — most notably the ones from AfterShokz, which let you enjoy music or take calls while leaving your ears open for the sake of s

via Orii smart ring turns your fingertip into a Bluetooth earpiece — AIVAnet


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