Man celebrated for rescuing rabbit from fire now faces backlash —

LOS ANGELES — A man caught on video rescuing a small rabbit from a blazing wildfire in California was hailed as a hero Thursday — but not by everybody, including experts who say it’s debatable whether the rabbit even needed saving in the first place. Torie Bosch at Slate says risking the flames to grab…

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Golden Gate San Francisco smoke

Golden Gate San Francisco smoke. Air is coming from Santa Ana has very strong wind speed.

6 large fire in California Los Angeles. Low humidity and strong wind. California fire department is using world’s largest air tanker.

California’s Silicon Valley has spare the air days.

Friday, 12/8
in effect
NASA released wildfire photos.

Smart cookie

As advances in artificial intelligence grow, companies are looking for new applications and fields to apply the technology. One whimsical output sees Google applying AI to creating food and more topically baking cookies. Fortunately, all are able to benefit from this “advancement” with the company publishing the recipe. more…

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Facial recognition technology explained

What about the same feature twins.:)

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More and more smartphones now come equipped with facial recognition security, offering up a new way for us all to secure and unlock our smartphones. While not as widespread and not necessarily more secure than a fingerprint scanner, new biometric ideas like facial recognition seem to be the way forward. So let’s explore what options are out there, how they work, and what they mean for security.

Samsung Face Recognition and Iris Scanning

Samsung was the first to pack advanced facial recognition technologies into a top-tier flagship with iris scanning technology inside the ill fated Galaxy Note 7. The technology stuck around inside the Galaxy S8 and new Note 8, which forms part of Samsung’s security suite alongside a broader face recognition system and fingerprint options.

Samsung’s iris scanning technology works by identifying the patterns in your irises. Just like fingerprints, these are unique to each person, making them very…

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Google Sheets updated with new machine learning features — AIVAnet

Sheets is gaining automatic suggestions to speed up your workflow. If there’s one thing that’s been synonymous with Google this year, it’s been machine learning. Google’s gone all-in with machine learning and artificial intelligence for many of its services and apps, and the latest to be injected with these is Google Sheets. Google made this announcement via a blog post on December 6, and the biggest changes coming as a result of this include automatically-suggested actions based on what you’re doing. Now, Sheets can automatically suggest a pivot table to visually represent your numbers, data for rows and columns when working with a pivot table, and formulas that are based around the data you’re working with. Along with this, Google says financial professionals will be able to &#82

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Invest in Bitcoin and understand blockchain technology for only $19. — AIVAnet

Decentralized currencies are becoming more popular, and have recently hit the mainstream thanks to Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that relies on blockchain technology to function. If you want to get serious about investing in Bitcoin, you need to understand how it all works. Learn how to invest in Bitcoin! Learn more Of course, to understand Bitcoin you also need to understand blockchain — the technology that Bitcoin is built on and that takes some serious class time. With this new currency and technology just emerging into the mainstream finding all this info can be confusing. Don’t worry; Android Central has a deal that will have you investing in Bitcoin in no time! Right now, Android Central offers has a deal on a two-course bundle that contains all you need to become proficient in investing, trading, buying, s

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