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Blue Prism and IBM have joined forces to deliver a secure, scalable and easy-to-use ​D​igital ​W​orkforce for ​e​nterprises worldwide. Clients across a range of Industry segments are utilizing blue prism to drive Innovation and improve overall customer service. Walgreens, for example, is now using robotic processing automation to support its HR function, which meets the […]

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Silicon Valley Is Not Your Friend

Near about 1990 when Netscape was started. Our friend was one of the founders he left the University for “Netscape”.

1997, When we barely know about Google, but the search engine was good so we were using Google. I wasn’t using to search, but my husband and brother both were using google for search. They told me you should use Google. I told them what is Google:) so funny now if I meet with anybody they tell me, just Google it, I say what!!!! OK….

After few years 2007, when Facebook was the very new company. My friend asks me if I know Facebook, I told her yes. She told me you know, Mark is from Palo Alto High School. He started Facebook when he is in high school. A few years later, my friend invites me to sign up for the Facebook friend. I did but I am lazy to go and check.:(

Twitter, was started 2006. 2008, when I was doing shopping at the Whole foods. It was the new store in our area. But not for Silicon Valley. In the grocery line, somebody was asking me what is this Twitter. I told her “describe your talk in one line”, kind of. I didn’t really know but barely know about. Still, don’t’ know. (Sorry).

We had the very bad economy, drought for so many years. But this is The Silicon Valley.

We have so my hidden treasures in our Bay area. I am always in Silicon Valley, but still, don’t know a lot. 🙂


Silicon Valley Is Not Your Friend well, no corporation is your “friend”

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IBM’s Watson computer takes the Jeopardy! Challenge


1997, In my family (they used work for IBM!!!! ) has the conversation about “Chess”, competition. That time nobody knows what will be the impact on our lifestyles.

Artificial Intelligence was always there but we were not using so much in 1994.

IBM’s Watson computer takes the Jeopardy! Challenge

The IBM supercomputer that beat chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov in 1997.

I still love IBM:)

Facebook policy

Facebook is making public its internal sexual harassment policy, including a strongly worded clause that protects employees who report misconduct. The social media company is offering its U.S. policy as a model for its Silicon Valley neighbours. It extends to work-related social events, off-sites and client events. It includes mandatory sexual harassment training for managers…

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