Alexa Store Assistant directs you to the

Alexa Store Assistant directs you to the


Technologies are improving on a daily basis. We depend on new techs. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, our shopping style is going in a new era.
Shopping malls are very big and they always change place for products. I always spend more time because it takes time for me to find a product in the mall than usual. I cant find my products easily.
Alexa will help us making our shopping easy. 🙂


Can Alexa help shoppers in large, retail stores where store associates are spread out and often hard to find? That’s the premise behind the hack, “Alexa Store Assistant,” presented today at the TechCrunch Disrupt 2017 hackathon in San Francisco. According co-creator Lawrence Chang, the idea was prompted by real-world experiences he and fellow team members…

via Alexa Store Assistant directs you to the right aisle, answers product questions — TechCrunch