Apple’s new campus employees walking through the beautiful glass doors

Apple’s new headquarters in Silicon Valley (Cupertino) may look like a spaceship from the future, but this building’s glass walls and doors are the real problems.

A few years back, I was at the saloon. It had the same kind of glass doors. I didn’t see the glass door and got hurt. I told the owner of the beauty nail art place which is located in Bay Area. They told me yes this is happening to several people.

Nowadays we have so many offices looks like this. Now i keep my hands forward when I walk.:)

It really hurts to run into them.

The Great America before and now


The Great America before and now


The Great America is a theme park in Santa Clara, CA. If you like theme parks.

The Great America has so many new things now. They close the one bid screen theater, now it has a big ride. It was near tall Tower ride. 🙂


WeWork Will House 300 Microsoft Employees in New York City

WeWork is best known as an easy way for small startups to rent office space by the month, but the company is now experimenting with working with huge customers. On Friday, Microsoft announced it will rent office space from WeWork for 300 of its employees in New York City as well as for a 37-person…

via WeWork Will House 300 Microsoft Employees in New York City — Fortune

A company is giving away free land to new recruits

A company is giving away free land to new recruits

When the Facebook post first appeared online in late August, it seemed like a hoax. A small business in Canada was offering free land as a signing bonus for new employees. Even the sweetest of Silicon Valley perks—free meals, climbing walls, laundry pick-up services, egg-freezing benefits—seem less enticing than a piece of earth to call…

via A company is giving away free land to new recruits — Quartz

Comic Con in Silicon Valley

Comic Con in Silicon Valley

We all are fond of some kind of superheroes. So now we are going to see in real some of our favorite superheroes.
They are artists from comics, movies, top celebrities, apps.
This silicon valley Comic con is already here in San Jose convention center from march 18 to march 20,2016.
Guests, you already know for their work and like to see them.So when you visit you can see,
Nathan Fillion,Stan Lee,Google’s Astro Teller.
It depends what day and what time you are going their.
If you like to join a Costume Contest you can,