San Francisco Bay Ferries Are Reaching Capacity

LARKSPUR (KPIX 5) — The rush to catch a Bay Area ferry is getting more crowded by the day. “I’m really sorry; we’ve reached Coast Guard capacity. The next boat is at 7:50 a.m.,” says a ferry worker. Welcome to morning rush hour at the Larkspur Ferry Terminal. The boats have gotten so popular that…

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Air Map helps you navigate your city through the best air quality spots

We love SanFrancisco because we are locals. I think the whole world is beautiful. I can not talk about other cities if I never been there. Every time we go to San Francisco, the air quality is bad. Lot of dust, smoke.

If you plan to go to San Francisco city area, that is atleast 8 hours program.(Crowded roads, difficult parking):(

Now Air map can help us to find, where is good air. 🙂





If you’ve walked down 4th Street in San Francisco these days, you’ve probably been hit with a massive dust cloud from all the construction — and seen a bunch of people trying to breathe through their shirts or covering their mouths. Air quality is a huge issue these days and zeroing in on the worst spots…

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Improved Lifestyle

Improved Lifestyle


Technology is improving our lifestyle in a various ways.  In the past few years our life style has changed tremendously due to advances in technology.  We are using apps for tracking our activities, getting groceries delivered to us, getting rides to go places, and so on.

If you have any stories, videos, photos describing your experiences dealing with the new technology, please include in comments below.