History and Birthplace of “Silicon Valley”

We didn’t know before they started construction. Nobody used to pay attention to San Antonio shopping mall. It was just a residential place more than the shopping mall.
We used to go for the pumpkin patch or Christmas tree lot.
It was the huge empty parking lot with the side street had a sign “Silicon Valley”.
When construction people started building something. Everybody was guessing what it will be.
We knew what it will be but, exactly what kind of office, hotel, cinema.
The scientists and engineers who worked at 391 San Antonio Road in Mountain View, California, laid the technological and cultural foundations for today’s Silicon Valley.






Google app replacing Assistant’s ‘What can you do?’ section

The Google Assistant can do a lot, with the company touting “over 1 million actions to try.” Since launch, one way to find out the smart assistant’s capabilities was by viewing the aptly named “What can you do?” section. However, in recent days, Google has removed and swapped that help screen out. more…

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Google’s Assistant Apps

Google’s Assistant Apps

Google, located in Mountain View California had a Tech show at the Shoreline Amphitheater.  It was so crowded that everybody had to show their badge to go inside the Amphitheater.

They talked about DayDreamer and Allo, Duo.  These are the new  apps.Google Assistant is a  new chat app called Allo is like our personal assistant.

According to Google’s chief executive Mr. Sundar Pichai,”Google’s new Assistant is its attempt to bring together a set of disparate efforts that have lacked a coherent brand,”

According to Mr. Dawson, Vice President . “One of the worst things about Samsung’s Gear VR [headset] is the control system – Daydream looks much better.”