Pebble Beach Car Show

Pebble Beach Car Show


I want to share this because after Pebble Beach, cars are going to come to Monterey,  and if you are going to Monterey CA next month(August). Be prepare for the crowd.

This is beautiful Car Show.

Think about the parking and taking FREE shuttle.

The Pebble Beach Concours d’elegance brings together 200 of the most unique and rare collector cars onto the 18th fairway of the Pebble Beach Golf Club. 🙂


Hollister Motor Cycle rally 2017

Hollister Motor Cycle rally 2017


Over the weekend we went to Monterey, CA. My favorite place for decades. This time it was so crowded. They block the roads and  it was hard to find parking even in parking garage.

I love to play Golf so i always buy Pebble Beach Golf Clothes. I asked them what’s going on here They told me Motor Cycle Rally is going on near Monterey . After rally they all come here. Some of the Rally people had very very small motorcycle Toys, and some had small Motorcycles for kids.

It was like a big Fair in Monterey. That’ how we spell it here.

I found some of the clips from Hollister Motor Cycle Rally. I want to share. 🙂