The Flintstone House

According to Stark Insider and CBS local ,” The Flintstone House, an iconic fantasy land located just HILLSBOROUGH, south of San Francisco.

Owner Florence Fang chats with Loni Stark about re-visiting her youth and the joy of the famed Flintstones television series, the 5 massive dinosaurs towering over the backyard, and why there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the mushroom”.
There’s trouble in Bedrock. The infamous “Flintstone house” in Hillsborough has gone through some visible changes over the last year and a half, but some neighbors and city officials are not happy with the new additions.

“I don’t like the way she did the back yard, this is Hillsborough, not an amusement park,” said area resident Kathy Park, who lives down the street.

The Flintstones House or “The Barbapapa House,”is SELLING for $2.8 million

The Flintstones  House or “The Barbapapa House,”is SELLING for $2.8 million

Flintstones house always been fascinating for me. Whenever we go to San Francisco we always see from highway. This house used to be only one color but few years back they paint it with more colors.

One day when we were going to San Francisco, color was changed. We were talking what is this house. We looked online, and found out it is “Flintstone House”. This is so creative, and full of art work.

This house looked different from other houses, so can easily see from highway. With amazing scenery.

I love this house, i don’t care who owns it, love to see it.

The home is also known as “The Barbapapa House,” deriving its name from “Barbapapa“, a character and series of books created by “Annette Tison” and “Talus Taylor” in the 1970s.

The Barbapapa is our favourite T.V. , serials. The other name for this House.

“The buyer loves that the house is a piece of art, inside and out,” said Julie Zubiate of Redfin, who was the buyer’s agent. And the buyer “has always loved seeing the house when driving along Interstate Highway 280,”