Tioga Pass Road and Yosemite National Park

Tioga Pass Road and Yosemite National Park


This year after few years (5 or 6 years) Drought in California, we had so much rain this year and Tioga pass has snow again. 🙂

More than 2 decades ago when we went to Tioga Pass. Snow was their. That time they had one restaurant, we had Portobello  Mushroom  sandwich. That time Vegan wasn’t popular like now. It was little bit difficult to eat inside Yosemite Park.

Restaurant was near Mono Lake side. 4th of July Weekend near Mono Lake wasn’t so crowded. Tioga Road is the Eastern Entrance  to Yosemite Park.



Google Maps Is About to Look Different

Google Maps Is About to Look Different

Few years back for the directions we need to talk in person and ask them “Hi”, could you please tell us where this address is.

Than Navigator devices came and Google Maps. Now New look of Google Map. Our daily life is based on “New Technology”. We have new inventions every day.

Google is hoping to make finding places a bit easier with a new update to Google Maps. The mapping and directions app is getting a refreshed look that highlights points of interest more clearly. Areas that include several points of interest will now be shaded orange on the map, for instance. Google determines these clusters

via Google Maps Is About to Look Different — Fortune

Drought in California but now storms

Drought in California but now storms


California in Drought for almost 5 year , California was in  drought before 1998. Now storms are filling all California lakes and reservoirs.

We got so much water last night , the docks are underwater and most of the boats almost sank,” said Jackson Branham, who works at the small marina at Loch Lomond.


<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/146316176″>Autumn Storm Brings T-Storms To California (November 9, 2015)</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com


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