Sinkhole in Fog City California

Sinkhole in Fog City  California

The Sinkhole is a depression or hole in the ground caused by some form of collapse of the surface layer. The origin of sinkhole is 1425-75; late Middle English.

The Fog Cities sinkhole open yesterday in San Francisco, firefighters rescued a family. Officials said a broken sewer line caused the 12 feet long by 5 feet wide sinkhole to form on Mission Street. The sinkhole is 9 feet deep, they said when they rescued the family.

“The car go down right away so I don’t know what happened,” said Uber driver Jose Santana.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission told ABC7 that a brick sewer main from 1875 ruptured, causing the sinkhole.

This happened in 1995 too in San Francisco.