Golden Gate Bridge Fog

Golden Gate Bridge Fog

San Francisco in  California has other name too and the name is Fog City.

Today  the Fog City is covered with ” Fog”.

For the people who use the bridge for the going to the different city for work and coming to the Fog City for work.

The Fog was challenging for driving,but for some people they like it and several people took the videos and pictures.


Google’s Assistant Apps

Google’s Assistant Apps

Google, located in Mountain View California had a Tech show at the Shoreline Amphitheater.  It was so crowded that everybody had to show their badge to go inside the Amphitheater.

They talked about DayDreamer and Allo, Duo.  These are the new  apps.Google Assistant is a  new chat app called Allo is like our personal assistant.

According to Google’s chief executive Mr. Sundar Pichai,”Google’s new Assistant is its attempt to bring together a set of disparate efforts that have lacked a coherent brand,”

According to Mr. Dawson, Vice President . “One of the worst things about Samsung’s Gear VR [headset] is the control system – Daydream looks much better.”